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A new report from CNN says:  “The vehicle industry is changing dramatically today than it has in the past few decades,” GM CEO Mary Barra has said openly — more than once.   We may be nearing a revolution in personal transportation. It’s true that the U.S. auto market had rough times during and after the 2008 economic crisis, when both GM (GM) and Chrysler needed federal assistance to survive bankruptcy. But that was a pretty basic crisis, caused by high labor costs and a drop in auto sales due to a bad economy.   The challenges new are posed by electric & self-driving vehicle, and it is different.  Auto manufacturers are investing big money into development of these new cars. Meanwhile, they’re facing tremendous threats from new companies like Tesla (TSLA) and Uber, as well as from technology organizations with deep pockets such as Google and Apple.   We may be at a major turning point in the industry. The simple nature of the cars will be altered. The units by which we consider transportation could be changed.

In the 1960s, the Japanese imports like Toyota and Honda changed the market. Ford says they need to cut $3B in to free up money to invest in new products. There were studies earlier that in order to do so, the employers may trim its overall work force by about 10%, or by 20,000 jobs.  Auto makers are also reducing costs thanks to a slowdown in U.S. auto market after seven consecutive years of sales development that reached record levels.  GM has cut creation at four of its U.S. assembly plants and laid off over 4,000 workers. Fiat Chrysler also reduced their employment levels. Toyota & Nissan have reportedly cut production also.  Tesla has risen in market value and is currently greater than that of than either Ford or GM.  But not even Tesla’s longer success is a given since Google’s Waymo segment continues to develop self-driving cars. The complete story is available here.

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On November 21, 2016 Alex Kwanten & David Kushma composed an article on Auto News with the following details: “Why shouldn’t franchised dealers just forget about auto body repair? Just 40% of U.S. new-vehicle dealers have body shops. Dealers are selling their shops to, or entering into partnerships with, independent chains & consolidators. The big players are in body-center operations these days are Gerber, ABRA, Caliber & ServiceKing. These (4) own nearly 4% of body repair centers in the US & Canada – about four times the number they held (5) years ago. An industry expert predicts their share of the market will rise in 2025. Body repair is a $35B business in the US –a lot of money to cede to competitors

AutoNation Inc., the biggest U.S. dealership group, is structuring its 70 body centers under its retail brand — & plans to launch or acquire at least fifteen more centers within (2) years. AutoNation also is beginning its own line of repair & service parts & is expanding its used-vehicle dealer network, including body repair sites. The goal of these programs is better customer retention in the service departments of all dealers. Experts say not too run your body center as an afterthought. Fully integrate your body shop — even if it’s off-site — with the service department and sales operations. This enables you to take advantage of both the dealership’s & the manufacturers brand value to lure customers.

Each of the (4) major consolidators — Caliber Collision, ServiceKing, ABRA Auto Body & Glass & Gerber Collision & Glass — expects to do more than $1B in business in 2016. Caliber, ABRA & ServiceKing are all privately funded; Gerber is a subsidiary of Boyd Group, a publicly traded Canadian outfit. Romans says the consolidator-owned body shops will account for nearly 15% of total revenue this year & says that figure could rise to more than 20%.

Recently, some franchised dealers & groups — including Fletcher Jones Motorcars, of Newport Beach, CA & Pohanka Auto Group, which operates in the Washington, D.C., area — have sold off their operations to, or otherwise affiliated with, Caliber and others. Other dealers are partnering with body repair chains, notably Carstar. Body shops operated by franchised dealers have some advantages. They get built-in customers. They can mine dealer sales data to sell to repair customers. Automakers often push lease customers to have their cars repaired by dealers with automaker certification, to preserve values. Romans estimates that dealer body shops have a higher chance than independent competitors of repairing new cars during at least the 1st few years on the road. Sonic Automotive Inc. integrates body repair operations in its local markets in a struggle to gain efficient economies of scale. Sonic places its 18 large body repair shops at the center of a hub-&-spoke network. The complete story is available here:

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