Automobile Environmental Progress

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The Clean Air Act in 1970 was a pioneer in the establishment of emissions standards. The technology, or means of emission reductions, was not specifically stated; however, firms developed ways in order to meet the requirements. Under this type of regulation, both the electric power providers and the auto industry developed a wide host of new exhaust-capturing & emissions devices. The Union Electric Company took a case against the EPA to the U.S. Supreme Court asserting that making regulations like this placed an excessive burden on firms because the technology to meet the requirements was not currently in existence. The court allowed states to set unfeasible limits of emissions where it was necessary to meet the National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

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In the Dec 2, 2016 edition of Waste Dive, Cole Rosengren delivered the following news: “A new online study from the Foodservice Packaging Inst., piloted by Resource Recycling Systems, found that citizens do not respond well to industry language or jargon when it comes to comprehending recycling guidelines, as stated by Plastics News. When presented a picture of a plastic clamshell container, merely 19% of those identified it as such. The term “plastic container” was selected by 61% & 12% picked “to-go container.” The results were comparable when shown a polystyrene clamshell — 50% of those responding selected “foam container” as the top description. When asked what source they usually rely on most for recycling data 31% said their city, county or recycling company’s website, followed by 23% who said signs on reprocessing carts. Among those in the 18-34 range, social media was also a positive choice. As for where they go initially to grasp whether a product is recyclable, 51% of those said they look at its recycling symbol.

Strong education is a vital part of increasing diversion rates & limiting contamination that can be expensive for material recovery facilities. The study also looked at the top language for directing citizens to empty & clean such containers in efforts to better know this issue. The results support advancements in standardized terminology on a broad level that has been motivated by a few groups in particular. Recycle By City has been striving to provide clear online material about the recycling procedures for specific municipalities. Recycle Across America has been working diligently to standardized labels for containers in various public buildings, particularly schools. Rhode Island was the 1st to adopt the labels and make them easily accessible to all governmental outfits and municipalities.

As found in the survey results, customers also still relied on the basic product recycling symbols which is likely a reason why more brands are starting to use the standardized How2Recycle style packaging. A new How2Compost label was just launched also to address the increasing amount of compostable materials coming on the market. All of these strategies are promising, though it is likely that packaging still is outside any actual recycling segment which has encouraged discussions of extended production programs or circular economy implementations to address this. The full article is available here.

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