Economic Outlook for Cars

Our buyer of junk cars will offer you with a junk car quote for vehicles in Reynoldsburg, Montgomery, or Mifflin, OH.  Many junky car owners in New Rome, Lake Darby, and Whitehall, choose to easily junk cars in Ohio, since it is simple.  What all is involved in the process of going to sell a car for scrap in Worthington, Lockbourne, and Marble Cliff, OH. The phone just keeps ringing with those from Harrisburg or Riverlea wanting to find out who buys scrap cars.

A new report from CNN says:  “The vehicle industry is changing dramatically today than it has in the past few decades,” GM CEO Mary Barra has said openly — more than once.   We may be nearing a revolution in personal transportation. It’s true that the U.S. auto market had rough times during and after the 2008 economic crisis, when both GM (GM) and Chrysler needed federal assistance to survive bankruptcy. But that was a pretty basic crisis, caused by high labor costs and a drop in auto sales due to a bad economy.   The challenges new are posed by electric & self-driving vehicle, and it is different.  Auto manufacturers are investing big money into development of these new cars. Meanwhile, they’re facing tremendous threats from new companies like Tesla (TSLA) and Uber, as well as from technology organizations with deep pockets such as Google and Apple.   We may be at a major turning point in the industry. The simple nature of the cars will be altered. The units by which we consider transportation could be changed.

In the 1960s, the Japanese imports like Toyota and Honda changed the market. Ford says they need to cut $3B in to free up money to invest in new products. There were studies earlier that in order to do so, the employers may trim its overall work force by about 10%, or by 20,000 jobs.  Auto makers are also reducing costs thanks to a slowdown in U.S. auto market after seven consecutive years of sales development that reached record levels.  GM has cut creation at four of its U.S. assembly plants and laid off over 4,000 workers. Fiat Chrysler also reduced their employment levels. Toyota & Nissan have reportedly cut production also.  Tesla has risen in market value and is currently greater than that of than either Ford or GM.  But not even Tesla’s longer success is a given since Google’s Waymo segment continues to develop self-driving cars. The complete story is available here.

Columbus Area Buyer of Junk Cars

Used oil from junk cars can cause environmental harm, we ensure that all fluids from the vehicles are properly managed. We are now proudly serving as a buyer of junk cars in the regions of Madison, Gahanna, & Franklin, OH.  A great majority of junk cars in Ohio seem to be simply abandoned out somewhere like in Grandview Heights, Blendon, & Blacklick.  Sell a car for scrap now and get fast cash & a free tow in Grove City, Jefferson, & Hilliard, OH.  When you begin pricing those who buys scrap cars in Obetz, Jackson, and Galloway, they won’t seem all that much different.

Using Shredded Junk Auto Tires

Columbus Cash 4 Cars is a buyer of junk cars now servicing the areas of Galloway, Hamilton, and Reynoldsburg. We will take in cars for cash 6 days a week throughout the regions of Montgomery, Mifflin, and New Rome. The good news for those in Washington, Lake Darby, and Worthington, OH is that same-day damaged vehicle removal is available. We can have a junk car hauler out to pick up your car, truck or van today. Those pondering old car scrap in the cities of Lockbourne, Marble Cliff, and Harrisburg, should call us for a price. Many scrap auto recyclers use systems and processes that are friendly to the atmosphere. Did you know that the majority of the materials that comprise your car can be reclaimed, repurposed or remanufactured?

We are back with another installment discussing the recycling solution for using shredded car tires for construction projects, which is based on a Calrecycle 2016 TDA report: “All contractors and subcontractors should understand the basics of working with TDA prior to beginning. Information on prior completed projects and how TDA was used can help the management staff plan and complete the install without complications or delays. Based on management’s experience, once they’ve worked with TDA, they are typically comfortable doing so. The advantages of it include the following: The materials can be moved with conventional construction equipment.  It’s produced from waste tires and (supposedly) cleaned with fewer fines than rock or gravel.  The quality of the production is monitored, and no density test is needed to validate. It is lighter-weight and free-draining, and it has non-degrading type characteristics. Since TDA is derived from waste tires, it can rouse public attention sometimes, thus an on-site representative should be designated to act as the project public relations (PR) person if needed. This person should be appropriately selected so that media interruptions do not slow the progress of the job.

TDA is considerably lighter than conventional fill material. The limiting factor for moving TDA is not its weight but its volume. To provide the most low-cost method of trucking, trailers need to be big enough so the weight of the TDA being moved reaches the legal highway limit (80,000 lbs gross). The ability to hold and stockpile quantities of TDA on-site before use will allow for the best time and materials management. When considering a TDA stockpile site, the local fire department’s approval should be sought. It is recommended that only vehicles with tires filled with self-sealing gels be used in working with TDA, since it may contain metal shredding.” The full article is available here.

The old car scrap process

Our buyer of junk cars will provide you with a junk car quote for vehicles in Bexley, Riverlea, and Urbancrest, OH. When we buy cars for cash, free scrap vehicle pick up from Minerva Park, Georgesville, and Brown, is built-in to the price. Are you in need of damaged vehicle removal services in the cities of Norwich, Perry, or Plain? We are an established junk car hauler that can usually pick up your damaged or wrecked vehicle the same day in Sharon, Lincoln Village, or Amlin. Protecting the physical environment with our recycling is an effective way to reduce reliance on expanding landfills.

Scrap Vehicle Oil

Those of us in the auto scrap market are essentially functioning to reuse, repurpose and recycle as much material as possible. We are now serving as a buyer of junk cars in the regions of Westerville, Huber Ridge, and Truro, OH. Is your vehicle broken down at a repair shop in Grandview Heights, Blendon, or Minerva Park? It may be time to consider cash for junk cars. For quick cash for junk cars in Ohio, those in the regions of Blacklick, Grove City, and Jefferson are encouraged to call. To determine the price, simply get in touch with us for a quote for an old car.

Jerold Chinn posted an article titled ‘Residents reminded of risks of disposing used motor oil’ on on July 8, 2016 with the following story: “San Francisco officials are retelling residents that discarding used motor oil isn’t safe for the local water system or our environment. It is illegal to dump used oil on the city streets or in the drains. At a press conference Katy Tang, a Supervisor with the Department of the Environment, said that people should recycle used motor oil at businesses such as Pennzoil 10-Min Oil Change. Those who bring in their used motor oil can receive forty cents for each gallon they bring in. These collection sites can accept up (5) gallons per visit. Residents only need to give provide their name when dropping off the oil.

Tang said in a statement that she recalls helping her dad change the oil to their vehicle when she was younger. The department is aggressively promoting a campaign targeting various communities to recycle used oil by placing signs in different languages including Chinese language billboards, municipal bus ads & web ads. Director of the Department of Environment Debbie Raphael, says that it is important to keep the SF Bay area clean of motor oil and to advise residents on how dispose the oil. The neighborhood based collection centers like Pennzoil make it simple and easy for residents to bring in their oil and leave feeling like they’ve done their part to protect the local environment. The city has twenty-three participating auto-related businesses that will take used motor oil, the department said in including (4) in the Sunset District. The department reports that these collection sites collected 27K gallons of oil. About 30% of the oil collected came from specifically the Sunset District. Anyone who attended the press conference was given a complimentary oil pan.” The full article is available at:

In reviewing this article, a few thoughts come to mind. Virtually all adults (that have a brain) know that used oil should not be dumped on to the ground or in our drains. Some people may think it is OK to dispose of the used oil in with their trash—which is not true. The true issue is that those choosing to improperly dispose of hazardous oil are likely just lazy or the simply do not care. Those who are found violating these basic environmental laws need to be harshly made aware that we DO care about the issue. For someone who intentionally dumps used motor oil on to the ground or into drains, the punishment for a 1st offense should be something like a combination of an $800 fine and 24 hours of community service.

Columbus Cash 4 Cars is an auto scrap & recycling operation within Dublin, Valleyview, and Montgomery, OH. Our buyer of junk cars is standing by to receive your call at 614-382-4060.  Our cash for junk cars buyer will explain that the tow is included regardless if located in Hamilton, Pickerington, or Reynoldsburg. The process of getting cash for junk cars in Ohio is easier than you may think. The market pricing for junk cars in Ohio has declined recently with drops in the scrap steel markets. Your neighbors are tired of looking at your junk car! Get a quote for an old car and scrap it in Washington, Upper Arlington, and Whitehall. As a recycler in Lake Darby, Worthington, or Lockbourne with a strong environmental commitment, we aim to reduce global warming and other environmental problems.