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About Us:
Columbus Cash 4 Cars is a auto buyer serving the Columbus, OH area handling auto junk-related services. The auto recycling of junk cars is a positive for the environment. For fast cash for auto scrap you can contact us at (614) 382-4060. We buy scrap cars 6 days a week; therefore, contact our junk car buyer today! We buy used cars for scrap, meaning we pay cash for junk car. The price for a junk car is influenced by various factors, mainly by the current market scrap prices which dictate the value of a junk car. People seeking cash for my car services should know that we send out a junk car hauler to pick up the salvage car. A buyer of junk cars that pays cash for cars so you can receive money for a scrap car quickly. Our salvage car buyer will provide you a junk car quote, which is essentially the price for a wrecked car, or even a totaled car. We offer money for a junk car, allowing you to sell a car for scrap with next-day or same-day scrap vehicle removal included. To sell a junk car to us, please call (614) 382-4060.
Debra Sims, General Manager

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Understanding the Industry Terms (Glossary):

Abandoned car: A vehicle that has been stationary or “left behind” by the owner. Many of these are left on the street and retrieved by the local municipality. A common problem for landlords, whose tenants may leave a non-running car behind during a move.

Auto Buyer: In our case, it is an organization the recycles and scrap end-of-life vehicles. The majority of these cars are wrecked or damaged to some degree.

auto recycling of junk cars: The process that encompasses the many facets of how junk cars are reused and recycled

auto scrap: A form of recycle-able material from an end-of-life vehicle

Auto recycling of junk cars: The process by which a car, truck or van that is no longer serviceable is recycled and disposed of.

Buyer of junk cars: Can be in the form of scrap yards, pre-owned component recyclers or auto crusher or shredder facilities.

Cash for cars: The process where an older vehicle is sold to a scrap or salvage facility or buyer, typically paid in cash or check. In the State of OH, you must be in possession of the vehicle title.

Curb Weight: The weight of a vehicle w/o any passengers–but with the majority of the standard items present.

Damaged car removal: A method of which a old vehicle is transported, typically via tow truck, flatbed, or car trailer

End-Of-Life Vehicle: A vehicle that the owner (or insurer) determines to be salvage or scrap.

Free Towing: Many junk vehicle buyers and COD car buyers do include free local pick up of the car as a service included in a quote. This is typically conducted using a tow truck, truck with a car trailer or flatbed-style vehicle.

Junk car: Also known as a scrap car is a car that is damaged or needs significant repairs which exceed its value.

Junk car quote: The quoted amount a scrap vehicle buyer will pay you for a car that is either non-running, damaged or unwanted. This implies that the buyer is purchasing the vehicle “sight-unseen”

Junk Car Removal: When we purchase a broken-down auto, we send out a truck to haul it away!

Non-running vehicle: A car which is no longer functional. Most of these vehicles are scrap aka end-of life vehicle or (ELV).

price for a damaged car: (or price for a junk car) The value of non-running car to a recycler or other such buyer

Quote for a junk car: The dollar amount given to the seller of a scrap vehicle; can be conducted via telephone, email or in-person etc…

Salvage Title: A type of vehicle category. These vehicles may be the result of an accident, or is damaged to a point where fixing it would be too costly. When a scrap vehicle buyer purchases an ELV it is categorized as “FOR DESTRUCTION” on the salvage certificate document of title.

Sell junk car: The process of selling a vehicle to a purchaser.

scrap car hauler: someone equipped with transporting a vehicle that is being scrapped

scrap a car for cash: An expression meaning that a distressed or disabled vehicle is sold to some kind of recycler

Scrap Car Removal: The process of towing away an inoperable or otherwise unwanted car, truck, van or SUV.

Totaled car: Usually categorized by an auto insurance firm, describing a vehicle as “a total loss”. The usual reason for employing the term is that the vehicle was severely damaged in some kind of accident or act of God.

Value of a scrap car: The dollar amount a seller can get for selling an old car. Values can fluctuate based on the scrap market prices.

Vehicle title: The formal document usually issued by the state that lists facts such as the owner, dates, mileage etc…; This is a necessity when scrapping a car.

Wrecked car buyer: someone who buys unwanted vehicles, more than likely for salvaging the components or other recyclable materials

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